A popular town in Orissa, Baripada with its lush greenery, dense forests and many ancient temples, is a captivating place. The headquarters of the Mayurbhanj district, Baripada is situated along the Burhabalang River, at the foothills of the Simlipal mountain range.

Baripada was the capital of the Bhanja dynasty in the 15th century and the ruins of the temples and palaces built then can be found at Haripur. The Jagannath Temple, Kichakeshwari and Ambica Temple in Baripada are considered important pilgrimage centres and many devotees flock here year after year.

Baripada has also made a name for the exquisite handloom articles available here. Tourists can shop for the popular handloom products of Chandanpur and stone carvings of Khiching in Baripada. Baripada is also recognised globally for the origin of Chhau, an Indian tribal martial dance.

The capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar is a thriving center of art and culture. Literally, Bhubaneswar means Lord of the Universe and is known for its architecture and temples. The history of the city can be divided into two phases, namely, ancient Bhubaneswar and modern Bhubaneswar.

With home to more than 600 temples, Bhubaneswar is often known as the Temple City of India. These temples represent the entire spectrum of Kalinga architecture, which provides proof of their strong presence in Bhubaneswar. Besides temples, the destination is also known for its appliqué wok of Pipli, cane furniture, Ikat sarees and Birdi-wari.

Cuttack is a place of historical significance and is the second largest city in Orissa. Deriving its name from the word ‘Kataka’ which means ‘The Fort’, the city of Cuttack is believed to have developed around the ancient Barabati fort.

Located at the apex of the Mahanadi river delta, Cuttack is surrounded by the Mahanadi and Kathojodi rivers. This city is also known as a city with ‘Babaan Bazaar, Teppan Galee’, which means a city with 52 markets and 53 streets.

A pilgrimage centre, Cuttack has many sacred temples. One of the most important festivals that Cuttack hosts is the Bali Yatra. Cuttack is also known all over the country for its exquisite and delicate silver filigree works with wires, horn and brass products, stone works of Puri, colourful silk and cotton textiles of Maniabandha.

The steel city of Rourkela in Orissa, is located in the midst of scenic hills and enclosed by many lakes. The city gained prominence after the establishment of the first three steel plants of India in 1955. This industrial town derives its name from the amalgam of two words – ‘Rour’ meaning our and ‘Kela’ which means village.

Rourkela enjoys a very important position from the tourism point of view as well. Visit the Hanuman Vatika garden has a 75 feet high idol of Hanumana, the follower of Lord Rama. This garden also houses various temples where pilgrims flock all the year round.

This city is the birth place of Ved Vyas, the writer of the holy epic Mahabharata. Located on the confluence of three rivers, the view of the three different shades of water from here is magnificent. A short excursion from Rourkela will take you to the Mandira Dam that is ideal for boating and picnicking.

The most sacred pilgrim center for Hindus in India, Puri also known as the Jagannath (the Lord of Universe) and is credited with the famous Jagannath temple and is along the coast of Bay of Bengal in the state of Orissa in India. The Hindu mythology contained in the Skanda Purana describes Puri as the resting place of Lord Vishnu.

Puri is a large depository of art and architecture of India, especially that of Orissa. The historical and cultural edifices have silvery antiquity dating back to 3rd century B.C. to 17th century A.D. Konark, Bhubaneshwar and Puricomplete the golden triangle of Orissa.

Puri is a religious place and a most wanted holiday attraction. Puri engulfs all cultural heritages of ancient India and traditional Hindu beliefs.<