( 1,230 meters ) The most charming and beautiful Kullu valley spread out its charm on either side of Beas river. The valley runs North to South of this river and is 80 kms. long and about 2 kms. at its broadest. The valley has awe inspiring glens and mossy meadows encircled by rushing streams and meandering brooks. It is also famous for its exquistely woven colorful hand made shawls and Kullu caps. In the spring, Kullu is in most colorful shape. Early March, apricot and plum trees, dotted among the fields, burst into pink blossoms and wild medlara are crowned with white flowers. The higher slopes are soon aglow with gogeous rhododendrons, white scarlet clusters of the sumash blaze near the river, the terraced fields turning from green to gold. Situated on the bank of Beas river, Kullu city is the Headquarters of district.